Saturday, November 3, 2007


One of the best treats out here in the Valley is to be invited to Heather Shilo Ryan's place for a home-cooked meal! Heather, a Floridian who is part Cuban/Filipino/Irish/Scottish, can whip up all sorts of dishes of different cuisines -- if she ever wanted to start up a restaurant, she already has a big fan base made up of friends with happy bellies from her kitchen magic :)

This evening I was stuffed with her ropa vieja, rice, salad, and garlic bread. A spread that probably took her half an hour to prepare: a little dash of this, a little dash of that, a dollop of this, a splash of that. Then voila! everything comes out perfect :) Me, it would probably take me half a day just to decipher the recipe *hehehe*

If she weren't there to walk & talk me through a koulouria recipe during one of our movie nights, my favorite Greek cookie would have probably have changed nationalities and been inedible *HAHAHAHAHA* Btw, Heather is excellent company for enjoying a good horror flick!

Heather has prepared outstanding Thanksgiving and 4th of July dinners. So we are more than happy to supply the easy stuff like dessert and beverages (we make sure to throw in some Guinness especially for her & Matt). Oh, and extra chairs.

And during ski season, she still manages to rastle up something in the cabin for the gang to eat, even after a tiring snowboarding session...

Shilo ROCKS!!!

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