Sunday, December 9, 2007


Erik & I watched the Golden Compass at the Merc this evening. It doesn't feel as epic as Lord of the Rings, or as engaging as Harry Potter. Probably because we're not really familiar with the books that it is based on. To me, it's like a cross between Neverending Story & Narnia.

There's this hoopla about the Golden Compass having an atheist agenda. C'monnn, the "message" was as thickly veiled as, say, CS Lewis' message is in his novels. A Christian will of course catch the religious overtones. A non-Christian would simply see it as the struggle of the oppressed against tyrannical rule. I can put on my analytical hat and go to town with a paper discussing all the symbolism. But this ain't AP English folks -- it's simply enjoying a well-produced film.

I like that there is going to be another trilogy of a fantastical sort :) Plus I have a thing for talking Polar Bears *hehe*

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