Wednesday, March 18, 2009

America Idol - Season 8 (Week 2)

So just need to rant a bit: why do the contestants, especially this season, feel compelled to talk back to the judges when the judges are giving their opinions?!? Who cares what the reason was behind why you picked a certain song, performed it a certain way, etc. If you didn't quite deliver, learn from it. Just smile, say thank you, and let the music roll. I hate it when they respond like "if I get another chance, next week will be different". EVERY WEEK should be treated like there is no next week, and that you will be judged by America on this performance alone! Feh!

1) Adam Lambert - brilliant range. "Ring of Fire" arrangement may have sounded weird to some ears, but not to mine -- it is pure artistry, talent, and singing ability. This boy deserves to win.

2) Danny Gokey - sounding just like last week, and the week before, etc. I still like the fellow though. Do something different please.

3) Allison Iraheta - ok, I know what to expect from her in the following weeks.

4) Alexis Grace - she's starting to annoy me.

5) Anoop Desai - VERY VERY nice. Finally realized this is a singing competition. I was reminded how this is the only country song I actually know and like. Willie Nelson wrote a very simple but timeless song.

6) Kris Allen - he'll live.

7) Lil Rounds - still doesn't do anything for me.

8) Matt Giraud - okay, but nothing special.

9) Megan Joy - actually her best performance. Lose the quirky, needs to focus on the unique singing style.

10) Michael Sarver - he has to go. Lose the chip on your shoulder, boy.

11) Scott MacIntyre - he may have the sympathy vote, but he bores me to death.


Pamela said...

Always On My Mind was actually recorded by Elvis before Willie Nelson and originally by Brenda Lee before Elvis, muh luv!

Miriam said...

I like reading about your Rants and Raves about American Idol!

emma said...

Thanks Mimi! And I am a huge fan of your Jqn & Jcnt Blog!