Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Week 4 Elimination

See ya to the less appealing David... seems suspiciously convenient to have him out in lieu of his, um, interesting background... Should have been Kristy, but maybe she's getting the "country fans" vote??? She needs to go, people!

Not to sound un-PC here, but here's the reality:

Chikezie - split black vote
Syesha - split black vote
Amanda - who bikers and nostalgic Southern rock lovers vote for
Carly - who voice purists vote for
David C. - who musicians & bands vote for
David A. - who the tweens & grannies vote for
Jason - who the teen girls vote for
Michael - who the ladies vote for
Ramiele - the Asian vote (so that's 100% of the Filipino-American population + the karaoke crowd -- wait, that's redundant! *hehehe*)
Kristy - who teenage boys with mullets vote for
Brook - who everyone wants to vote for :)

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