Saturday, March 8, 2008

One Broadway

Earlier this evening, I accompanied Erik, Randel, and Vince to a bar in Los Gatos located in downtown Los Gatos on the corner of Broadway & Santa Cruz -- 1 Broadway to be exact. The boys wanted to scout the venue and listen to a live band, since they're scheming to get da band back togedder.

Fortunately for us the band happened to be a REALLY GOOD live band who called themselves Joint Chiefs. They played some Motown, funk, and R&B. Guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and two saxophonists. The crowd was an older crowd, Los Gatans mostly in their 40's & 50's just kicking back. Not too many 30-somethingers like us, so I think we kinda stuck out a bit as "yer not from around here".

Very snappy music, and we actually got up to dance a couple times to songs that we could bop to. Los Gatans seem to be more congenial than Santa Clara County townies on the dance floor... tipsy Stepford wives falling over themselves, and Daddy Warbuckses trying to strut their stuff with their Blackberrys hooked to their belts. But all having a genuine good time :) Very amusing to watch, and I was surprised that we actually really enjoyed ourselves!

Looking forward to when the band starts gigging, 'coz I definitely like their setlist. Plus inspires me to explore more of the local music & bar scene, and put my dancing shoes on once in a while :) May not last for hours on end like I did when I was 25, but at least can still get my groove on with a few more rest periods along with sips of refreshing beer *hehe*


Mary Pope-Handy said...

Hi Emma,

I'm glad you had a good time in Los Gatos.

One description you gave made me curious: you referred to the tipsy Los Gatos women dancing there as Stepford wives. I'm a 40 something (just barely, after my last b-day) Los Gatos wife and mom, but I don't have a lot of time to visit bars, so I haven't seen what you've seen and maybe you are on to something demographically there.

Most of the women I know here in town are highly educated (college degree or more) and either work outside the home or are staying home for a few years to raise their kids - but they are not Stepford in that sense of being mindless and obedient and there only as a trophy-housekeeper. The Los Gatos women I know are intelligent. They don't all sport huge diamonds, too much makeup, fake nails (and other things), and have "shopping at Nordstrom" as their main hobby.

Somewhere else - someone's blog - made a reference to women here along these lines. It might also have been the Stepford reference. So I am wondering about this perception. I'm sure that a percentage of our female, middle aged population could be characterized that way, but there are a lot of us who live in the zip codes, are married, and in that age group that are nothing like a Stepford wife.

Maybe the Stepfords are at the bars...and I just don't see 'em since I'm not there.

Thanks for your contribution to the Observer. It was fun to read.

emma said...

Hi Mary, I appreciate your comments, and thanks for reading my blog!

As in any collection of people, there are those who fit the "stereotype", and those who don't. What was actually cool was to see the stereotypes really letting their hair down, and just having a good time -- folks who are probably couped up in an office or house most of the week, and looking to just drink & dance their stresses away :) Btw, my usage of "Stepford wives" was geared more towards the look of the ladies rather than the content of their minds *HEHEHE*

To the casual observer, it is intuitively obvious (especially those of us from the Midwest & East Coast who moved to the Bay Area), that most native Los Gatans are generally more privileged than residents of neighboring Bay Area towns, except maybe the old-money Palo Altans and the nouveau-riche San Franciscans *hehe*

In the end I would like my readers to know that my blog is intended to be light-hearted and never with ill will intended :)