Sunday, September 23, 2007

L Word (Season 3 Finale)

So I’ll be officially bummed out for a while.. my favorite program, the award-winning critically-acclaimed Showtime lesbian drama series “the L Word” just wrapped up Season Three. Shane left Carmen at the altar. The theme of you are who you are, can’t change who you are. The demons you wrestle with. What defines you. What makes you do the things you do. Fear. Loss. Love. The search for it. Friendships. It’s a very smart drama, bringing a lot of different personalities into view. The Shane and Carmen dynamic was the most interesting to me, given Shane’s life.
I find Kate Moennig, who plays Shane, to be an incredibly talented actor. The other cast members I find very talented also are Leisha Hailey (who plays Alice -- she cracks me up!) and Jennifer Beals (Bette).
I hope they get rid of Max/Moira in Season Four. Waste of scene time. Dana was a cool character, but she was sacrificed for the message of breast cancer. Very sad. But alas, I strongly believe that there is method to the madness of Ilene Chaiken :)

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