Thursday, September 27, 2007

Records and tapes

... "what are those???" a kid born on this day, may wonder in the future. Then I'll be officially old. And depressed. I told my folks to not throw away my turntable and old records. Last record bought was from Coconuts on the corner of Lincoln & Peterson in Chicago, just a few blocks from my high school (Mather). Erasure's Two-Ring Circus. But there were annoying skips on the record! (on one of them anyway -- it was a two-record set). So I vowed never to blow my allowance on a defective record again. So out of protest I decided to peruse this new section of the store filled with these things called "Compact Discs". I eventually bought one, just to see what it was like. Then the rest is history. CDs.. what are those? That's what our grandkids would say, armed with an iPod the size of a quarter, a cell phone the size of a credit card, and a Nintendo XS (for eXtra Small)...

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