Sunday, September 23, 2007

Same-Sex Marriage

I am all for it. Folks will cite passages from their religious texts to denounce or support it. But putting aside all religious beliefs, who are we really to prevent a loving, committed couple from wanting to marry and raise a family of their own? Contrary to how most religious leaders view homosexuality, my opinion is that there is nothing "unnatural" about it. It is a fact of nature. People are born however way they are. Furthermore they will fall in love when they do, and have the right to be happy and pursue happiness with whomever they choose. The gift of procreation is granted to both sexes.. and certainly it uniquely takes a man's sperm and a woman's egg to create life. Not everyone is cut out to father or mother a child, but there are many individuals willing to nurture children regardless of whether the children are biologically theirs or not. A child is blessed with the genes of his parents, but his character is not necessarily credited to them. And sexual orientation has nothing to do with content of character.

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