Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Week 2 (Guys)

I can't believe most everyone sucked this week. Thank goodness for the Davids...

David Hernandez - Dude's a belter. He gives me good shivers :)
David Archuleta - VERY nice. The run he did towards the end was amazing to my ear. Tremendous interpretive skills. This boy has the greatest potential of winning this competition right now. I would be happy if he won actually, much like I was for Jordin Sparks who just blossomed throughout the season last year...

Michael Johns - Wrong song for him I think. Too high for his range. Better luck next week.
Jason Castro - I like the song actually, could've done something different with it.
Chikezie - Better than last week anyway. Still obnoxious.
Danny Noriega - Gives me the shivers (and not the good kind), but he can sing...

Luke Menard - Interesting high voice, too Glee Club for me though.
Robbie Carrico - Does this guy think he's hot stuff??? You're not going to win. Deal with it.
Jason Yeager - Poor guy. He tries though.
David Cook - Too much 'tude. Thinks he's hot stuff, too. But better than Robbie.

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