Saturday, February 23, 2008

You know you're no longer a spring chicken...

... when you get glued to a late night infomercial hosted by the Bionic Woman, go to a Select Comfort store, welcome a demo by a knowledgeable & enthusiastic saleslady named Heatherly, then actually end up purchasing a Sleep Number bed from her. Oh, and learn that your "sleep number" is 50 :)

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Dwain said...

Hey bebe - We joined the Non-Spring Chicken who gets a Non-Spring bed group too. We made the trip to comfortSelect when we moved to the new home. Got said king-size monstrosity. After the double that we had 4ever, on the King, J and I are communicating via smoke signal across the bedroom. That or more-like the cat version of the pony express.

Dwain's number = 30
means Dwain is more of a softie than Emma!