Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Week1 (Guys)

Looks like American Idol is off to a good start this season! Here's how I rate the Top 12 Guys, based on their Week1 (60's genre) performance:

My rating scale:
Memorable - wowwed me, a keeper.
Meh - didn't make me cringe, but didn't make me jump out of my seat either.
Forgettable - buh-bye!

Jason Castro - If I had to pick an early "dark horse", he'd be it.
David Archuleta - Cute little boy, likeable. Won't win the big prize, but will get enough votes.
David Hernandez - Has a powerful voice, quality upper range. Give him a George Michael song.
Michael Johns - From the auditions, I placed him in the Top Three. Just needs to avoid the Doors from now on.... would actually be interesting if he tried singing an INXS song, just for grins....

Robbie Carrico - He'll survive.
David Cook - Sort of bores me right now, but has that Smashmouth potential...
Garrett Haley - I think he needs to be given a nice high song before I pass harsh judgment...
Jason Yeager - Old-fashioned voice, need to hear more first before I wave him off.

Chikezie - A watered-down Ruben Studdard, a little too smart-ass for my taste.
Luke Menard - No star quality. Boring.
Danny Noriega - Annoyed me from Day One. The new Sanjaya. I had to fast-forward.
Colton Berry - No appeal. Pure filler. I prefer the guy with the glasses & tie, too.

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