Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Week1 (Gals)

Here's how I rate the Top 12 Gals, based on their Week1 (60's genre) performance:

Amanda Overmyer - I liked her from the very start. Very unique. Not sure how she'll handle other genres though...
Asia'h Epperson - Won't win, but has an "it" factor.
Ramiele Malubay - VERY nice range. I put her in my Top Three from the very start. Go Pinoy!
Syesha Mercado - A belter, she has major lungs.
Carly Smithson - Big voice. Pure. My pick to win American Idol.

Alaina Whitaker - Ordinary, she'll survive.
Brook White - A plain Jane, but different... actually has a nice tone in her voice.
Joanne Borgella - Need to hear if she can belt out something first...
Alexandrea Lushington - Cool. She has an interesting "falsetto", not sure if I dig it, maybe better suited for hip-hop... need to hear more.

Kristy Lee Cook - Bored me to tears.
Kady Malloy - Can impersonate Britney, but can't impersonate a singing sensation.
Amy Davis - Who?

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