Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (Week 5)

Will have to cut this short, so I can watch the results show saved on the DVR:

1) Adam Lambert - standing O well deserved! Very haunting rendition of a beautiful song.
2) Danny Gokey - HUH?!?
3) Allison Iraheta - I remember that Constantine sang the same song, which became his one memorable performance. Allison did an even better one, though I won't tag it as THE memorable performance for her.
4) Anoop Desai - ok.
5) Kris Allen - didn't hate it actually... but didn't love it. Still, should keep this dude around a little longer.
6) Lil Rounds - must go.
7) Matt Giraud - this is pretty much the kind of stuff he ought to be singing.
8) Scott MacIntyre - continuing stomach pains...

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