Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (Week 4)

So far I am pleased that contestants who never passed muster with me have been voted off. I must rant about this new Get Out Of Jail Free card that the judges get to hold this season. So let me try to understand the logic here: probably wrong song and/or performed badly, judges most likely hated it, and the rest of America sent a message that they hated it. Then the judges get to hear the same miserable performance all over again, and maybe have a change of heart? I sez let every contestant pick a song they think can shamwow the judges with (something hopefully never before seen), perfect it on the side, then put it in their back pocket. Then when it's their turn on the cutting block, pull it out! At least it's a real second chance to redeem yourself.

1) Adam Lambert - enjoyed watching this white boy play that funky music right!

2) Danny Gokey - well well well... actually showcased his distinct voice and range... proved he can be still and just sing. Very nice.

3) Allison Iraheta - delivered her usual style, though a little boring and distracting this week.

4) Anoop Desai - Usher? Are you kidding me??? Of all the R&B songs in the universe, he picks something bleahhh.

5) Kris Allen - first performance of his that I really dug. I saw a glimpse of a creative artist. Now that I've seen the potential in this boy, I am curious to see more... so keep him in.

6) Lil Rounds - no originality, nothing in her that makes me take notice.

7) Matt Giraud - he irks me a lot now. Such a sour face. Unlikeable.

8) Megan Joy - she's proven she has nothing to give. Annoys me. Needs to go.

9) Scott MacIntyre - please no more, hurts my feelings.

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