Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (Week 6)

Quentin makes great films, and his movie soundtracks are terrific -- but his opinions have no place in a "singing competition". Actually looking at Quentin sometimes makes my stomach curl...

1) Adam Lambert - who can even sing like this?!? He is unbelievably good.
2) Danny Gokey - one of my favorite tunes, and there were spots where his voice was distinct and made a hair or two stand on my neck.
3) Allison Iraheta - not bad... but never compare her to Adam.
4) Anoop Desai - this pleaseths me.
5) Kris Allen - when I first heard this tune on the radio, I didn't love it instantly.. it sounded different and odd. The second listen I found it to be outstanding. Kind of how my opinion of this boy has changed. Kris is like love at second sight, not first.
6) Lil Rounds - "Just because you can sing, doesn't make you an artist!" - Pam snapped at the TV after watching Lil. Yes, please no more extra Rounds.
7) Matt Giraud - too many runs and riffs can RUIN a song, Mr. Sourface. Learn this now.

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