Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (Week 7)

Although the theme this week was disco, I found it to be a week where we got to see the personality of every contestant actually come through their performances, regardless of whether the performance itself was terrific, mediocre, or awful. Out of the seven performances, there were only two I didn't really care for...

1) Adam Lambert - a song the Bee Gees wrote for Yvonne Elliman. I love the Bee Gees' songwriting and melodic ingenuity. To me the Bee Gees INVENTED the good part of "disco". I have always wanted to hear a melancholy rendition of this tune, because it is in fact lyrically a melancholy song! BRAVO!
2) Danny Gokey - didn't hate it, and strangely, it was distinctly Danny. I do like his voice.
3) Allison Iraheta - again, not bad. Right pick. Pammy and I looked at each other, and said "hot sauce"? HEHEHEHEHE... please enunciate Allison :)
4) Anoop Desai - this is ONE tune that should not have been slowed down. No.
5) Kris Allen - fantastic arrangement. If the voting gods say no to Adam in the end, it is because they are reconsidering Kris.
6) Lil Rounds - I have seen enough.
7) Matt Giraud - unfortunately this is the kind of song and arrangement that suits him best. This is the best he can do for himself.

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